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      • Ten Steps to Create a German Language School

        In the age of globalization, when every culture can achieve its prominence in a multicultural society, the maintenance of heritage languages and cultures becomes of ever greater significance. By providing the opportunity for the younger generation to be educated in the German language, we accomplish the noble mission of maintaining the centuries-old cultural traditions. Many professional educators and German language enthusiasts in the United States have committed themselves to passing on their language and culture to the next generation as a valuable heirloom.

        On of the most efficient ways of accomplishing this mission is the establishment of private German language schools. They constitute a valuable enhancement to the public educational system, where German is often not an option among the foreign languages offered. Currently there are more than 50 such schools in this country, concentrated in the Northeast, in the Midwest, and on the West Coast.

        Most of these schools are members of the German Language School Conference (GLSC), the national umbrella organization for private German language schools in the United States. The principal mission of the GLSC is to assist parents, educators and others interested in establishing and running such a school.

        Creating a German language school is not an easy task. It requires enthusiasm, perseverance and a great deal of organization. This is where good advice becomes essential. This Brochure is the result of over 25 years of our experience in helping enthusiasts set up a new school. We have tried to address here many of the issues that you might face in the beginning: where to start, what structure the school should have, what requirements it should meet and how to keep it running. If you have further questions about establishing a new school please contact the GLSC directly at

        We wish you success in the difficult, but most rewarding task of creating a new German language school.

        The GLSC’s guide "Ten Steps to Create a German Language School" is a part of our support service to our member schools. If you are a member in good standing,  you can find the link to download your complimentary copy of this guide in the Member's Only Area.  

        Non-members can join the GLSC without a member school affiliation by filling out the membership form and paying $30.00 for an individual membership, at which point the guide will be included at no additional charge.

        If you later start a new school, your individual membership can be converted to a school membership and you will receive credit for the $30 you already paid. After becoming a member, you will be entitled to free access to the information brochure and other membership benefits.

        Thank you again for your interest in the GLSC, and please let us know if we can be of further assistance.”

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