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GLSC Board of Trustees

    Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The Trustees are expected to participate in all Board meetings, either in person or per teleconferencing, and be prepared to discuss the topics on the agenda. If a Trustee cannot participate, he/she will notify the Secretary at least seven days in advance.
  • All Trustees serve on one or more committees, either as chairs or as committee members. Twice a year or upon request the committee chairs will report to the Board about the activities of their committees. Any activity in connection with the work of the GLSC or in its name has to be approved in advance by the Board or the Executive Committee.
  • The Trustees are expected to remain in contact with the other Board Members by e-mail or telephone and to respond to their GLSC-related communication in a timely fashion.
  • The Trustees are expected to keep records regarding their committee work and other pertinent GLSC-related information. Some issues discussed at the Board Meetings may contain privileged information. The Trustees are expected not to divulge it.
  • All materials produced by the Trustees in the name of the GLSC will remain the intellectual property of the respective Trustee and the GLSC.

    Current Board of Trustees:

The Trustees of the GLSC are leaders of the private German language schools and have many years of practical experience. They are elected annually and select among themselves the officers of the Organization. They are educated at German and/or US universities and hold advanced degrees. They are professionally as well as personally committed to the mission of the GLSC and perform their duties on a pro bono publico basis.

In order to execute their duties in the service to the German Language School Conference, the Trustees meet monthly (approximately ten times a year) to discuss business matters of the German Language School Conference as well as requests and questions from individual schools, their teachers and parents. If necessary, additional meetings may be convened. The President will send out an agenda three days prior to the meeting. The GLSC member schools are informed about regular meetings in advance. They are kept abreast of the proceedings of all GLSC meetings and of all general or specific matters concerning German language schools by the minutes and/or follow-up phone calls.

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